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Disinfecting surfaces has become increasingly important. It can be extremely confusing, trying to figure out which disinfectants work in every situation. There are lots of products out there that might not be effective against the microorganisms that you need to kill. Our complete disinfectant guide will explain everything you need to know about surface disinfectants.

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What is a Disinfectant?

It is now more important than ever to disinfect surfaces that can accumulate microbes and other viral particulates. Disinfectants are substances that kill the germs on a surface; they do not clean surfaces unless stated on the product’s label. Disinfectants are incredibly effective when used per the manufacturer’s specs. To achieve the proper kill claims, the disinfectant must remain on the surface for the proper amount of time, as suggested by the label. If the disinfectant does not remain wet for the full length of recommended dwell time, it may not be effective and could not kill all germs on the surface.

Disinfectants can be used in two ways, as one step processes and two-step processes. The main difference is that one step disinfectants incorporate cleaning into the disinfecting process. These formulas kill the germs and then remove them from the surface. The two-step process involves cleaning the surface with a cleaning agent before disinfection. The cleaning process removes all the visible dirt, and then the disinfectant can be left to dwell to kill the remaining microorganisms.

Spray Disinfectants vs. Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfectant wipes and Spray disinfectants are usually made with the same formulation and should be effective against the same organisms. It is important to check with your supplier if they contain the same formula before you make your decision. If the formulations are the same, then what disinfectant you choose is up to you. Spray disinfectants require an additional wipe to apply them to the surface after spraying them on. Wipes can simply be removed from their packaging and applied to whatever surfaces specified by the packaging.

About Kill Claims

Surface disinfectants are effective at killing microorganisms, but to prove this efficacy, they must be rigorously tested to be able to post these “Kill Claims.” Certain Q laboratories test these claims to ensure that the disinfectants are effective against what they claim. This protects the manufacturers and also the people using the disinfectants. Additionally, the FDA and the EPA require these claims to be validated to be placed on any of their approved lists. The studies these labs perform are:

  • Time Kill Studies - This study is aimed at finding how long it takes for a certain disinfectant to kill the virus it is testing against. The Kill Time Study is carried out to evaluate the microbial reduction by a disinfectant against selected bacteria or fungi after a specified exposure time.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Efficacy Studies - This study is aimed at determining which surfaces the disinfectant effectively cleans and disinfects. This test ensures that you can claim what surfaces your product works on.
  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Studies - This study determines the smallest amount of the compound that is needed to kill bacteria on surfaces. MICs are used to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of various compounds by measuring the effect of decreasing concentrations of antibiotic/antiseptic over a defined period in terms of inhibition of microbial population growth.

Before you use or purchase a disinfectant, you should be sure that it is EPA registered and effective against the microorganisms you need to kill. The EPA’s full list N of disinfectants can be found here.

How to Use Disinfectants

You should always follow the instructions on the disinfectant label to ensure proper disinfection. The general steps for using a surface disinfectant are as follows:

  • Put on disposable gloves – disinfectants can contain chemicals that should not come in contact with your hands.
  • Clean any dirty surfaces – if your disinfectant is not also a cleaner, you should clean all surfaces to remove visible dirt before applying the disinfectant for its required dwell time. 
  • Follow the directions on the label and use no more than what the manufacturer recommends for the surface you are disinfecting.

Many people wonder how much disinfectant is needed for different surfaces. Our partner Safetec has conducted a study for how much of their SaniZide Pro 1 disinfectant is needed for common surfaces. 

  - There are .0125 ounces in one spray of Safetec's SaniZide Pro 1
  - Each bottle of SaniZide Pro 1 has 32 ounces
The following table explains how many sprays are needed for use on commonly touched surfaces.

Our Disinfectant Products

Due to the extreme demand for disinfectant products, it has never been harder to source these important products. At Nickel City Innovations, we are committed to providing items your business or organization needs to keep your personnel protected. We are committed to meeting our customer's needs and forming relationships to ensure that we can help keep you safe. 

Safetec's SaniZide Pro 1 Disinfectant

Safetec’s SaniZide Pro 1 is a broad spectrum, EPA Registered surface disinfectant that combines cleaning and disinfecting in one simple step with its ready-to-use, alcohol-based hospital-grade formula. SaniZide Pro 1 makes staying compliant even easier by reducing the risk of cross-contamination with true, one-minute kill claims that are effective against 48 microorganisms,  and safe for repeated use on hard, non-porous surfaces.

SaniZide Plus Disinfecting Wipes

The SaniZide Plus Surface Disinfectant comes in a wipe form as well which can come in the convenient and easy to use pullout canisters. The wipes are alcohol-free and leave behind virtually no lint to leave behind a clean, scratch-free surface. The product is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum disinfectant that is great for use on any hard surface or appliance at home or at the workplace.

SaniZide Plus Spray Disinfectant

Safetec’s SaniZide Plus Disinfectant is an alcohol-free formula that works to disinfect your surfaces very effectively. It is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum formulation that can be used on hard surfaces, appliances, and different instruments in a variety of places such as homes, businesses, or medical facilities. The large spray bottle is a convenient feature that makes it easy for storage and repeated use as needed to clean larger office spaces. 

What's Next?

Our experts understand that this is a difficult time for many businesses and are here to assist you in sourcing the products you need to reopen safely. If you have questions about what products your organization needs to keep your employees safe, or want to discuss how Nickel City can be the solution to your infection control problems, head over here now for a free consultation!