Wellness Delivered

Nickel City Innovations’ beginning stems from wanting to give customers the products they want in the quantities they need. Customers generally reach out to us because they need to purchase quantities of products tailored to their organizations’ needs, whether it be a massive global powerhouse or a mom and pop shop trying to keep their employees safe.

The products that Nickel City Innovations takes on to distribute are internally tested and reviewed by our team. We have established great relationships with the manufacturers to provide excellent customer support — even the smallest question on the use or how to purchase a product again gets answered quickly and efficiently.

Our dual-channel distribution approach lets us develop partnerships with businesses of all sizes. Additionally, our direct distribution approach allows for strong partnerships with businesses who need reliable shipments of large quantities. Finally, our e-commerce presence allows us to provide FDA and EPA regulated products to anyone who needs them without the large order sizes other vendors require.

Who shops at Nickel City Innovations? A school nurse looking to restock a cabinet, a coach that needs supplies for a team, businesses from small to large, and parents grabbing essentials for their house. And you - looking for the item you were unable to purchase directly from a manufacturer or other source.

Delivering a great customer experience is our top priority, and we aim to be the final stop on your journey for genuinely amazing products.

At Nickel City Innovations, our goal is to be the answer.