Universal Precaution Spill Kits For Any Blood or Bodily Fluid Accident

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Accidents happen. We all know that, but what we don’t know is if someone’s blood is infected with a dangerous disease. Diseased blood looks the same as healthy blood, which is why we need to be extra careful when it comes to handling it.

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FDA Advises Against Hand Sanitizer with Methanol

Nickel City Innovations
FDA advises consumers not to use any hand sanitizer manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico, due to the potential presence of methanol (wood alcohol). This substance can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested. 

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Why you need a Bookoozie

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Bookoozie's protect books, iPads, E-readers, tablets, and journals while also providing a fun design that is great for anyone! A perfect gift to give to readers of all ages. Bookoozie is made from cotton fabric along with padding to make sure your books are nice and protected.

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The Dangers of being Tired and Fatigued

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Fatigue can cause weariness, sleepiness, irritability, reduced alertness, impaired decision making, and lack of motivation, concentration, and memory. Studies have shown that fatigue is linked to health problems such as, heart disease and stomach and digestive problems.

Fatigue and being tired can also lead to negative effects and dangers in your life; this can include:

  • Improper safety enforcement and significant injury
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Poor decision making
  • Poor information processing and memory
  • Falling asleep on the job
  • Inability to deal with stress
  • Sleep deprivation reduces productivity

These negative effects and dangers of feeling fatigued and tired can significantly harm your life and career. The easy answer to fix this issue would be to get more sleep; however, that is not always a solution that is available to a lot of people. If you are one of these people who did not have the chance to get a good night's sleep and feel yourself getting fatigued and groggy throughout your day, you need a solution. Some drink coffee, but not everyone likes the taste of coffee, and the effect of caffeine is not that strong and takes too long. The answer for the tired and fatigued is Jet-Alert.

Jet-Alert are extra-strength caffeine tablets that will keep you running all day long and help you stay productive, awake, and aware. Jet-Alert is as safe as coffee but without the taste and has a more substantial boost of caffeine that only takes 10-20 minutes to kick in.


Jet-Alert Regular Strength Tablet


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Why are People Switching to Herbal Medicine?

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Herbal medication/supplements are products derived from plants and their oils, roots, seeds, berries, or flowers. The use of herbal medicine as one element of complementary and alternative medicine is increasing worldwide. This increase has many wondering what the real benefits are and why they should consider adding herbal medication to their daily life.

Main benefits of herbal medication:

  • More affordable than conventional medicine
  • Easier to obtain than prescription medicine
  • Stabilizes hormones and metabolism
  • Natural healing
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Fewer side effects

More affordable than conventional medicine: Conventional medicine can become incredibly expensive, especially if you do not have health insurance. Herbal supplements are cost-effective and can achieve the same benefits for your body.

Easier to obtain than prescription medicine: Prescription medicine can become challenging to obtain because you need to get your doctor's approval before you can get it from your pharmacy. Herbal medication is available at your pharmacy and does not require a doctor's approval prior to purchasing.

Stabilizes hormones and metabolism and natural healing: Conventional medicine can have harmful side effects on your body's functions, including hormones and metabolism. Herbal supplements are a natural healing method that is easier on your body's functions and is even known to help stabilize hormones and functions.

Strengthen the immune system and Fewer side effects: Herbal medication can strengthen your immune system and help your body fight off illness in the future without the use of conventional medicine. Strengthening your immune system naturally is the best way to prepare your body to fight off everyday germs, illnesses, and diseases. The use of conventional medicine can have negative side effects that include digestive issues, a weakened immune system, and creating dependency.

Nickel City Innovations has herbal medication/supplements which are effective in improving everyday health, immune system, respiratory system, and the body's overall natural defense.

Herbal Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C & Zinc

Mountain Meadow Herbs European Elderberry Extract

Mountain Meadow Herbs Herbal Respiratory (2 oz)


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Choose an Herbal Remedy for Immune Health

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With the spread of colds and flu's, many people have been turning to many solutions to boost their immune systems and overall wellness. Herbal remedies are a great way to boost your overall health without ingesting ingredients that you have never heard of.

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