Smallest Single-Use Solidifier!

Help reduce handling, shipping, and compliance risks of diagnostic specimens, infectious substances, and dangerous goods using superabsorbent Zafety Pacs. These lightweight premeasured (single-use) small solidifier pacs provide unique absorption and encapsulation properties ideal for safe compliant packaging and specimen transportation.*

*Dispose of infectious waste in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations

5000 pacs per case


  • Solidifies water-based fluids (blood/urine/other body fluids)
  • Fast-acting and easy-to-use
  • Lightweight (similar to teabag material)
  • Prevents leaking (transforms fluid into semi-solid (gel) mass)
  • *Dispose of infectious waste per all local, state, and federal regulations
  • How Zafety Pacs Work

The porous, non-woven material allows fluid to easily activate the contained superabsorbent polymers, enabling the granules to burst through the packaging and quickly solidify the contents into a semi-solid (gel) mass. In the event of a spill or leak, it creates an extra protection barrier for workers’ safety. (These high-quality granules that have the unique ability to hold large amounts of absorbed water-based fluid, even against pressure.)


Helps comply with DOT, CDC, OSHA, IATA, ICAO, US Postal Service, and United Nation Regulations. Visit this inner packaging compliance page to learn more about Inner Packaging-Regulatory Information.


Healthcare: Triple packaging systems, sharps containers, red bags, collection bags and kick buckets, disposable lab containers/glassware

Occupational Health and Safety:  Shipping Facilities – packaging regulations, Tattoo shops – ink containers

Safetec 1.75” x 3” Green-Z 4g Zafety Pacs Single Use Medical Waste Solidifier (Case of 5000 pacs)

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