Working in the medical field, it is unavoidable that you will come across blood or bodily fluid spills occasionally, and these need to be cleaned up safely. This kit contains all the contents required to both protect yourself and cleaning up the spill itself. This kit option also comes in a metal case making it easy to keep tucked away when not needed and easy to carry with you when needed to the site of the spill.

Kit Includes:

• Pair of Vinyl Gloves
• Red Biohazard Bag
• Twist Tie
• Odor Mask
• 10 g. Red Z® Solidifier
• Scoop/Scraper
• SaniZide Pro 1® Disinfectant Wipe
• Instructions
• p.a.w.s.® Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
• White Disposal Bag


24 Kits per Case

Safetec National Standard EZ-Cleans Kit (Metal case)

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